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Experience is not just about customers

The dictionary defines benevolence as: Desire to do good to others; goodwill; charitableness. I felt that was a great definition for this thought I had. "Doing one small deed is more valuable than the sum of all great intentions."

A quick story... I was at the county tax office this week to register my out of state vehicle. I'm sure everyone can share their bad experiences from dealings with government entities. They are not known for their customer service. So I went in prepared. I did my research on-line and filled out the necessary forms, gathered the required paperwork, got the car inspected and off I went. The check-in process was smooth and frankly technically advanced. I only waited about 15 minutes before my number was called (by the electronic voice). As I approached the desk I saw Mary. You know, the sterotypical government employee who has been doing the same job for 20 years and probably resents being there. We made eye contact, I smiled and she asked with a blank look, "how can I help you?" OK, about what I expected so I turned on the charm and told her what I needed. She was surprised that I had all the correct paperwork and was that I totally prepared. She typed away at her screen, had me sign a couple papers and voila we were done. While she was typing away though I took the printed number slip (561) and wrote her a note on the back. It was simply "Mary, thanks for a great experience! Have a great day." So as I stood up to leave I asked her if I had all the paperwork, she said yes and I said then I guess this is yours. I handed her the note and saw her smile as she read it. BINGO. That's all I was hoping for.

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