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The 'ate" ways for delivering an Exceptional Customer Experience (CX)

During my time in the customer service and support world I discovered many ways to help individuals and teams achieve exceptional levels of success. I believe "success" in the business world is defined by the customer's level of satisfaction and their overall experience at every touch point. There is a fundamental difference between satisfied customers and loyal customers. Loyal customers become vocal advocates for your products or services and that is the ultimate sales and marketing tool. You just have to know how to get them to that state.

I've been brainstorming a book idea for years and want to start that journey with this blog. Leadership is action and understanding action words as they apply to the customer experience is critical to creating or transforming the customer experience. My idea is to discuss action words ending in the letters "ate" that a manager can use to help create an exceptional customer experience. It's that exceptional customer experience that will ultimately grow the business by extending the customer lifetime value. These actions are ones I have had a great deal of success with over the years and ones that are relevant to the changes taking place in the business world today. I would like to add one word at a time to this blog until I have exhausted my list (and brain)... Please stay tuned and perhaps you might pick up a pointer or two... Thanks for listening and hopefully learning.

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