Touch Point MappingTM


CX Navigators works with your team to identify every point where a customer touches your organization throughout the five phases of their relationship.  These touch points can be in the digital realm or the physical realm and they are either controlled or uncontrolled. Understanding all the touch points establishes a framework for CX Navigators to determine the customers emotional experience at each point through the process.  This understanding provides valuable information that feeds the customer journey mapping exercise.

Customer Journey Mapping


Armed with a clear understanding of the customer's emotional experience at each of the touch points, CX Navigators will work with your organization to physically map the customer journey through the five phases of their relationship.  We use personas to segment your customer base then identify the creators of the experience at each step and the resources they use.  This provides a clear understanding of who is responsible for the customer experience along with the information you need to develop a road map for success.

Customer Satisfaction benchmarking & data analysis


CX Navigators will evaluate your existing customer satisfaction program or help you create a new one.  We have experience in a variety of CSat programs including Net Promoter.  Our goal is to help you identify your current customer satisfaction level and create plans to move you toward your goal.  We conduct statistically valid surveys of your customers through a variety of methodologies to produce accurate, detailed, and actionable results.

Cultural realignment




Having trouble defining your corporate culture?  Is it properly aligned with your specific goals?  Our experts help you understand your current corporate culture and using data produced from various sources can provide the recommendations, tools and training necessary to align your culture around ownership of the customer experience.  We refer to it as an attitude of servitude to your customers. 

Operational Improvements


When you understand the essence and importance of your customer experience you need to implement internal operational changes that properly align the business.  CX Navigators can analyze your current service model, develop effective operational service strategies, and help with integrating those strategies into your existing business model.  Our goal is to improve the customer experience and maximize the customer lifetime value.  

Employee Engagement


When your employees understand and embrace the customer experience they develop the desire to support it.  CX Navigators can help sell the value and importance of the customer experience to your employees.  We can also determine the best ways to help your employees and teams work most effectively and in alignment with your strategic goals around customer experience.

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